Abandoned dog thinks he’s done wrong when he’s led out of shelter. But then, he sees what’s waiting

This beautiful dog, called Maverick, was left at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena by his family. The eight-year-old German Shepherd was devastated and wouldn’t even look at anyone in the shelter.

Fortunately, he found a loving family to take him to a new home, a farm with horses, goats, chickens and other dogs. This video shows him beginning that journey.

Despite obvious facts, there are still people on this planet who like to believe that humans don’t leave an impact on dogs. How can that be true, with so many heartbroken animals left at shelter all over the globe?

Out of all the animals left at shelters, it seems that dogs are the number one target for abuse and abandonment by humans. It is simply astonishing how they choose to trust us after they have been through so much already. It is the same with this elderly dog.

After his owners literally dumped him at the shelter, Maverick was so distraught, he wouldn’t even look at people in the eye, punishing himself into isolation.

But as “freedom walks” go, this one is no exception; seeing a dog finally getting out of his pen at the shelter and into a new, loving and caring family can wring a tear from even the coldest of hearts.

Maverick is cautious at first, but after a few loving pets and pats on the tummy, he gets a pep in his step and starts holding his head higher. He is going home at last!

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