Boy Goes Sledding, But Grandma Bursts Into Laughter When She Realizes What Her Mini Horses Are Up To

When the snow falls, kids and animals alike usually want to frolic in the fresh white powder. Sledding is a favorite outdoor winter activity and the rolling hills at White Tail Farm in southern Maryland are perfect for sledding once they receive a good snowfall.

With more than 100 acres for the adorable miniature horses to roam, there’s bound to be a good sledding hill on their property. Mother-daughter duo Marlene and Holly raise the miniature horses and Holly’s kids love growing up on the same farm.

So after it had snowed enough for the kids to bust out their sleds, they slipped on their snow pants and boots and hit the slopes. Except there was one problem.

More than one dozen yearlings wandering around the same pasture where the two kids wanted to sled apparently wanted to join in the fun! Grandma recorded all of her young mini horses for a sight she’d never forget!

The yearlings just wanted to play with the kids and kept following her grandson all over the pasture. They were a bit afraid when he picked up his sled to cruise down the hill, but they were prancing alongside him, not wanting to leave his side.

At one point, Grandma shouts out that the horses are playing “follow the leader” with her grandson. These beautiful creatures are having so much fun in the snow and they are marvelous to watch in the video below.

Since they aren’t quite full grown, these yearlings are having so much fun with their playmate! They are too cute to watch as they gallop around in the snow.

The woman’s granddaughter is caught on camera off to the side, surrounded by a few of these energetic babies who keep nudging her, wanting to play. She isn’t real sure she wants to sled knowing how brazen the babies are around them.

All they want to do is join in and have some fun, too.

Enjoy watching these yearlings just horsin’ around with their human friends on a crisp winter day.

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