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Bus Station Opens Its Doors To Stray Dogs So They Have A Warm Place To Stay

When winter comes and the temperature dips to freezing point, all we want to do is curl up in the blanket and wait for it to be gone, but some animals who are destined to live on the street don’t have that privilege.

It breaks my heart seeing those poor beings shivering, rolled in some corner without basic conditions to survive.

Stories like this restore a person’s faith in humanity and show that there are still good people left in this world who care about the welfare of unfortunate animals.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

After seeing three dogs trying to hide from the cold, the employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal in the city of Curitiba, Brazil, decided to open doors of the station and let them stay during winter. They made beds of the old tires, put the blankets in and provided a warm place for the pooches. Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho, as the stuff named them, got food, water, and all the necessary care.

Tire beds might not look inviting to us, but for these dogs, they’re pure luxury.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

When Fabiane Rosa, a local politician, saw the pups she posted pics on Facebook, with all credits these amazing people deserve.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

She said that these cuties have every right to be there, pointing out that this is an important social problem. As Rosa said:

“We must understand that this world is not a privilege of humans. God created animals to teach us to love unconditionally”.

I strongly agree! Share if you do, too.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

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