Cop Does the Sweetest Thing For a Pit Bull Being Brutally Beaten by Owner

We should give police officers much more credit and respect, because good deeds, like the one in this story, show that they definitely deserve it.

Officer Brandon Melbar responded to a call about animal abuse and was shocked when he arrived at the scene. He found out that a Pit Bull named Harvard was mercilessly beaten with a brick, choked and left on the street.

The standard procedure is getting the pup medical attention and catch the SOB who did it, but when Melbar approached him the dog did something that inspired him to go above and beyond the call of duty. Although Harvard suffered more than any living creature ever should, the Pit Bull jumped into a police car, as if he knew they were there to save him.

Even though he must have been in a great deal of pain, the dog started licking and kissing his rescuer. Melbar couldn’t resist his loving nature and instantly fell in love with him. We’re happy to report that only days later Harvard has been officially adopted by Officer Melbar and we hope he forgets the pain he endured. Truly heartwarming!

Cleveland Police responded to a call about a dog being beaten in the middle of a street. A man hit the dog with a brick and started to choke him.


When the officers arrived at the scene, the Pit Bull jumped right into the squad car and revealed his sweet, loving nature.


Officer Brandon Melbar agreed to foster Harvard knowing how tough it is for Pit Bulls to be adopted from shelters. He instantly fell in love with the dog and decided to adopt him!


This wasn’t the only time a Cleveland Police Officer went above and beyond for a rescue dog. Officer John Lyons is shown here lying with a sick and pregnant dog that he took home. He and his wife kept the dog and all of her puppies. ?


Harvard received all of the medical care he needed and started his journey living a normal life.


And it’s all thanks to Officer Melbar for giving Harvard a second chance at life.


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