For Every Share of This Video One Meal Will Be Donated to a Pet in Need

Christmas is a time for giving, and as these adorable elves make sure each and every kid on the planet gets their presents, they need our help so that millions of cats and dogs in the country have a Merry Christmas too.

Freshpet teamed up with some incredibly creative people and a bunch of cooperative dog actors to create this candid glimpse inside Santa’s workshop.

Under the watchful eye of the big man himself, these pups prove to be as entertaining as they are hard-working.

Of course, it’s Christmas after all, so you can’t expect the productivity to be at its peak, right? They have to have fun themselves a bit.

However, as cute as they are, the most important part of this campaign is not its humor but its charity.

The pet food manufacturer agreed to provide a free meal for one of millions of cats and dogs who’ll spend this Holiday season in a shelter for every view and every share this video gets.

The offer has no time limit..

So round up your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and KEEP SHARING.

Thank you.

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