Fisherman Pulls Motionless Puppy From Water. Then Performs A Miracle With Some Quick Thinking And Ingenuity.

It started as an ordinary day for these fishermen. They were on the shore doing what they love when one of them saw something in the river that would turn the peaceful day into a mad dash to save a life.

They spotted a puppy that was drowning downstream. One fisherman rushed to pull it out of the water, but the puppy did not move nor breathe. Even though the little body was limp and seemingly lifeless, the man refused to give up, but instead did his best to save the puppy’s life.

First he massaged it. He kept pressing the stomach, trying to force the water out of the lungs, then turned it upside down, but the poor puppy still didn’t show any signs of life.

And that’s when the man had a spark of pure genius. The fisherman took a plastic bottle, cut it in half and used the top half as a crude CPR resuscitator. He knew it was the last chance to help the puppy.

I doubted it would work, but then something unbelievable happened. The tiny creature moved on its own for the first time and started gurgling and breathing. The fisherman continued to resuscitate the puppy and breathe air into its water-filled lungs using the plastic bottle. It worked. The puppy was slowly regaining consciousness, started to whimper and cough, still struggling to gasp for air.

These were the good signs. After a second or two, it could breath on its own again.

There are some really some great and wonderful people in the world. I hope he keeps the pup and names him or her LUCKY.

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