Gentle Giant Adopts Tiny Rescue Owl, His Protective Ways Will Make Your Day

Tanja Brandt is a German photographer who has given her whole life to photographing wildlife and animals.

recently Brandt took on a slightly different project, she took pictures of a much more unlikely pair of pals. Ingo, the Belgian shepherd, and Poldi (which is short for Napoleon) the one-year-old owl who have formed quite the friendship.

Brandt describes to Inspiremore “the relationship between Ingo and Poldi as somewhat of a ‘protector-protected’ relationship. Ingo is a guardian for Poldi, whom Brandt says “doesn’t know how to live free.”

Poldi didn’t hatch until two days after his six brothers and sisters.

 He has always been very vulnerable due to his size.

Ingo, on the other hand, comes from a family of strong and oftentimes ruthless police dogs.

Ingo is very protective of his pal and their bond is as strong off-camera as it appears in Tanja’s photographs.

Even though Ingo is much bigger and stronger, it’s clear he would never hurt his friend.

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