Hilariously Persistent Dog Repeatedly Tries to Wake Up a Snoring Pig in a Deep Sleep

You know one of those mornings when you just can’t get out of bed no matter what.

We’ve all been there at least at some point of our lives and today that day has come for this pig. His canine buddy on the other hand seems like a morning person to me and he won’t stop at nothing to get his porky pal awake.

I mean the pup kept jumping and pushing him, but the pig just kept snoring.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the drowsy porcine got up to see who was creating a disturbance but the dog had cleverly bolted out of the room momentarily and then came back in, as if for the first time, to convince the pig to go outside and play.

The hilarious footage was captured in a home in California and I must say I know a few people who’d be able to identify with this video.

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