Humans Are Confused When Curious Baby Seal Approaches, Then It Grabs A Hold Of His Hand

When you are visiting Petermann Island in Antarctica, you expect to see large bird colonies, like the penguins and blue-eyed shags, but you never imagine you’d have a very close encounter with a seal.

Since they were more likely to be found on the beaches of the sub-antarctic islands, it was a huge surprise.

As he was approaching, this cute baby seal was playing with a small piece of ice, but it was something far more interesting that caught his attention.

There were strange creatures called humans around and this baby was immediately drawn by these fascinating beings.

The sweet baby was bravely coming closer to this group of people like he was meeting his old friends. He was looking at them with such admiration in his eyes and couple of times he even opened his mouth as if he was saying “WOOOOW.”

The little one’s curiosity was so strong that he was even caught sniffing their bags to see if they got any treats there.

Both sides were completely excited and thrilled by this experience. People couldn’t stop filming and taking pictures. Eventually, the seal and the lucky tourists went their separate ways exhilarated by this incredible meeting. Share this amazing video!

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