Lonely Dog Jumps To See Into Neighbors Back Yard, So Jennifer Grabbed A Drill

When you’re relaxing in your back yard, generally the last thing you want to see is a couple of prying eyes invading your privacy. That’s why most people build walls and big fences to separate their yard from the neighbors. But no fence is tall enough to keep this nosy neighbor out, and Jennifer Bowman knew exactly what to do with a new neighbor trying to peek into her property.

One day Jennifer was out in her yard with her dog, Olive, when she heard a strange noise coming from her fence. A sound that sounded like a squeak.

Catching movement out of the corner of her eye, she looked to the fence but saw nothing. She could have sworn she saw someone peeping over her fence, but there was nobody to be seen.

Looking away, she suddenly heard the squeaking sound again and whipped her head to the fence. Sure enough, a furry face was staring back at her.

It turns out that the neighbor’s cheeky German Shepherd, Penny, was desperate to see what they were up to and was jumping up to peer over the 6 foot high fence.

Finding peeking Penny’s antics hilarious, Jennifer decided to do something to make the dog’s life a bit easier. After thinking about what would help the nosy neighbor, she had an idea.

Digging through her toolbox, she pulled out her electric drill and headed to the fence. Don’t worry, she wasn’t planning on attacking the cute canine! Lining the drill up against the fence, she made three strategically placed holes. Two for a pair of eyes and one for an inquisitive nose.

Jennifer’s neighbors had been worried that Penny’s nosy antics would annoy her and intrude on her privacy, but she handled the situation perfectly. Now the mischievous pup could peer into their garden without disturbing their privacy.

It’s not just Penny that loves the new fence set up, Jennifer’s own dog, Olive, loves it too. The pair of pooches now share their treats with each other and have become the best of friends.

Some people are possessive of their privacy but Jennifer welcomed peeking Penny’s curiosity and did something kind to improve the happiness of both pups. What a wonderful neighborly thing to do!

Do you love Jennifer’s cute idea of a special peephole for the pups? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and perhaps share the idea with your neighbors!

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