Military Refuses Funeral For Fallen Combat Dog. Then 2 Marines Grab Casket And Give Him The Burial He Deserves

Rico was a trusted friend, a dedicated patriot, and lastly a military dog.

The men and women who serving on the front lines deserve more respect than we could ever give them. However, there are more warriors out there than just humans, and there’s still a long way to go before they get the treatment and recognition they deserve.

This is the story of Rico, a friend, a patriot and a hero. Rico’s resume and combat history is so impressive most soldiers would be proud of it, and the only thing that makes it even more unbelievable is the fact that Rico is a dog.

His strength and resilience kept his team safe through many operations. The dog served two full tours in Afghanistan and stayed alive through more than 30 firefights. Through all his dangerous missions, Rico not only kept himself safe but his Marine Staff Sgt. Russ Beckley Jr. safe as well.

After his retirement Rico was reunited with his old friend and went on to live with Beckley’s parents in Michigan.

Unfortunately, years of service and stress took their toll on the body of 12 and a half year old canine. He couldn’t dodge the years like he dodged bullets. His health started deteriorating, he was in pain and the family made a difficult decision to put him to sleep.

When the time came, Rico departed surrounded by his loving family.

In one of the most beautiful services, Beckley and his father (Also a Marine) dressed in their Marine blues and set out for an amazing ceremony worthy of a hero Rico was. Several people from town came out to see the homemade memorial and funeral procession. You can see Beckley holding back tears as the realization of his best friend being gone sunk in.

You can see the whole story in the video below.

Please share it with your family and friends and spread Rico’s story. That’s the least we can all do for a hero who dedicated his life to keeping us all safe.

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