Mom Gives Dog Cancer Test Results, Pup’s Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet

Watching your fur baby get sick is one of the worst things in the life of any pet owner, and in the case of Lily the Golden retriever it was the worst kind of sickness.

Lily went from being a healthy pup to barely being able to stand in the matter of weeks. They rushed her to the emergency veterinarian who confirmed their worst fears.

They found a 6-pound-tumor on her spleen, she was bleeding internally and she needed emergency transfusion just so she wouldn’t bleed to death.

The vet diagnosed the tumor as Hermangiosarcoma, a type of cancer common with Golden Retrievers and they said that even if they removed it it would only prolong Lily’s life for a few months.

However there was one glimmer of hope. There was a slim chance that the tumor was not malignant, but in 25 years of practice the vet never saw a case when the results came negative. Still it was something.

They went on with the procedure and removed the growth from Lily’s abdomen. The surgery was a huge success, but the best news were yet to come.

This day the biopsy results came back and Lily’s mom was only too happy to share the news with her. I think the pup took it quite well, LOL.

Congratulations Lily…

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