Mom Lays Newborn On Floor. Captured Footage Of Puppy’s Next Move Goes Viral

There’s a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. Not only do they protect the grown-ups in the family, but they also make a point to look after the children! That’s exactly what this caring golden retriever does with this tiny newborn and now his babysitting skills are melting hearts all over the world…

According to Animal Planet, dogs recognizes members of their own human family (even brand new members), treat them with compassion and keep a watchful eye over them!

Dogs will protect family members at all costs and regardless of who stands in their way! However, there are certain breeds that are designed for protection and family lifestyles.

Some dogs are strictly for protection like German Shepherds, while others are perfect for keeping around small children, like Newfoundlands. Both are good breeds to have around the family, but they each have special skills!

That sense of family makes it easy to understand why this lovable golden retriever likes to sit so close to his newborn human sister. It’s clear he wants to makes sure that everything is okay and that she’s protected! Even when the baby starts to fuss, the pup knows to sit calmly.

He doesn’t overreact and put the baby in danger – he knows that sudden movements are not what’s needed here! Take a peek at this adorable guardian angel by pressing “play” on the video below. It’s clear these two have a long future of romping in the house, exploring the great outdoors and cuddling together!

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