He Posted A Photo Of His Lost Dog, What Was Sent To His Inbox Made Him Run To The Door

I can’t imagine the sorrow Barry Gearhart must have felt after Titan, his beloved pit bull, was stolen from him a year ago.

While he and Titan have been miraculously reunited, Barry remembers the ordeal, saying that he cried every night after what he calls “the worst day” of his life.

After losing his pet Pit Bull Titan a year back, Barry Gearhart never gave up looking for him ever since he got stolen. He posted and circulated a picture of Titan as often as he could on Facebook in hope of finding him again someday.

One day, he got an unexpected comment on Titan’s picture – someone said that Titan looked exactly like Hank, a Pit Bull at a local shelter.

Titan was mistaken at the shelter and renamed Hank instead – and was about to be put down by the shelter staff due to a lack of space when his owner intervened! Barry noticed Titan and corresponded with a volunteer from the shelter right on time, and got Titan out of there! The pair are both safely at home.

Now Barry and Titan are miraculously together again, and Titan is back at home where he belongs!

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