Rescued Chimp Flies Over Africa And Acts Like A Co-Pilot In A Heartwarming Video

This adorable little guy is Mussa, a baby chimp who was wronged by humans so much, yet he never lost faith in humanity.

Earlier this year Mussa was saved from poachers in Democratic Republic of Congo. After becoming an orphan he had to spend some time with his human friends there before getting a private plane to his new home, a rehabilitation center in another part of the country.

This baby chimp had every right to be scared of people, but instead, his friendliness made everyone who ever got to know him fall in love with him instantly.

This pilot was no exception. You would think that having an ape jump around a cockpit and pushing buttons would be at least annoying if not dangerous, but the two bonded and it’s as if they were able to understand one another.

As soon as they landed the little guy jumped into embrace of a lady from his new home where I’m sure he’ll have a great time whit this kind of people skills.

And as for this video, I’m pretty sure it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

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