She’s Saved By An Animal Shelter – Weeks Later, They Discover Her Hidden Secret

When an animal shelter accepted a white German Shepard named Gemma into their facility, little did they know that they would be doing more than just saving her life.

This video captures her story, where she goes from being sickly and abandoned, to a happy and healthy with a future. Grab the tissues, because it’s a real tear-jerker!

Gemma had a severe case of Demodectic Mange that covered more than 70% of her body. Sadly, instead of her family bringing her to a vet, they dropped her off at the St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary.

The rescuers helped Gemma recover from the mange, but there was one volunteer named Jolene who became very attached to her. After agreeing to foster Gemma in her home, Jolene discovered that the dog was gaining weight… As it turned out, Gemma was pregnant!

The white German Shepard gave birth to 5 puppies, which were adopted out. Then, even Gemma had a chance to receive a “forever home” – with a loving family that she could call her own.

If it hadn’t of been for Jolene, and the kind volunteers at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary, Gemma and her puppies may not have ever had a chance!

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