Sisters Visiting Parents On Safari, In An Instant Things Take A Terrifying Turn

When this family found out that they were set to serve a church mission in South Africa, they were thrilled. But that mission was almost cut short during an excursion through a lion preserve.

After forgetting to lock the car, one curious lioness walked straight up to the door and did something that had their hearts racing…

While many of us adore lions for their sheer strength and fascinating pack dynamic, they are also considered to be intelligent creatures. According to The Scientific American website, lions are the “brainiest” of the large cats.

For decades, scientists have focused their work on chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants. Now, biologist Natalia Borrego of South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natal has turned the conversation to the complex nature of lions.

Borrego says that lions are the smartest big cat in the wild and their way of tackling complicated puzzles proves that they have a higher level of intelligence as compared to tigers, leopards and other similar creatures.

Not only were the lions she tested able to solve puzzles quickly, but they were also able to recall solutions more than ten months later!

Their impressive cognitive ability is why this curious female was able to walk right up to the car and open the door with her mouth!

Even though they were traveling through a densely populated lion preserve, these tourists didn’t think to lock their doors – which is why she was able to snag the handle with her powerful teeth and pull it open with ease.

Take a peek at this frightening moment for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. Their adrenaline was pumping after this encounter!

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