Wild Giraffe Finds Bunny — And Decides To Keep Him

Once upon a time, there was a giraffe and a rabbit and they were best friends. It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, but as it often turns out, the best stories happen in real life.

This is one of them and it’s an amazing one.

Credit: Ayesha Cantor

Ayesha Cantor and her daughter Tammary were driving down the Kragga Kamma Game Park in South Africa when they saw a beautiful giraffe and stopped to take a photo.

But they didn’t see the whole story at first. As Cantor said:

“I thought to get a few ‘giraffe in the sunset’ images, noticing one who kept arching his neck beautifully. We didn’t immediately realize that there was something that had the giraffe’s attention on the ground.”

Credit: Ayesha Cantor

That “something” was a cute, domestic, black and white bunny, which was the last thing they expected to see. As surprised as they were so see these two just hanging out together, they were even more surprised by the bunny’s behavior. According to Cantor, he was:

“Totally unfazed, even stretching out fully between the giraffe’s legs. The giraffe was so prudent, carefully trying not to step on the little bunny, sniffing and nuzzling, making sure he was taken care off.”

Credit: Ayesha Cantor

Obviously knowing that he was safe, the little friend would eat a bit and then hop further off, but wasn’t going too far, as his buddy was following his every step.

What’s totally amazing is that the rabbit survived this long in the wild because he probably must have escaped from one of the houses in the neighborhood.

“It’s a miracle really that it has survived in the park. Being of domestic stock it wouldn’t have the same survival instincts that a wild rabbit would have. Predators like jackal and caracal would have and should have made short work of it by now”, Cantor said.

Credit: Ayesha Cantor

Well, it might be true if it wasn’t for the bunny’s big guardian and I am sure nothing is going to happen to him as long as they stick together. This beautiful friendship warms my heart.

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