Wild Horse Is Surrounded By Hungry Wolves, But The Encounter Takes A Surprising Turn

Laws of nature, as ruthless as they be, are still managing to surprise even the biggest experts.

What happened in this encounter between a single wild horse and a pack of wolves has been a topic of a heated debate in animal behaviorist circles. I know I for one was in utter disbelief that this not only happened but was also caught on camera.

The video was filmed last month which indeed implies the wolves were hungry, but as for why they chose not to attack the horse is still a mystery.

The horse’s behavior is even more puzzling. Not only did he not run away, he figured it was the perfect moment to lie down and expose his belly to blood-thirsty predators.

Some people think that the horse was just too big for the pack to handle and that it was the sole reason the wolves were being cautious. Then again, they do attack large pray like deer, so for a pack this size a horse would not be that much of a challenge.

By all accounts the key is in the horse’s nonchalant demeanor. He was probably never prayed on before and didn’t realize these animals presented a threat to him.

Wolves on the other hand prefer to tire their prey down by chasing it as pack and attacking its rear. The fact that the horse wasn’t scared of them interfered with their preferred MO.

Perhaps we’ll never know what exactly happened here, maybe the wolves were being fed by the humans and weren’t hungry at all. I’m just glad the video ended the way it did without any blood-spilling.

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