Woman Catches Dog Being Mistreated by PetSmart Groomer on Video

The Good Samaritan was so alarmed by what she saw that she had to intervene.

Terah Leder was walking by a Petsmart in Katy, Texas, when she was alarmed by what she saw. She noticed a groomer aggressively handling a small dog through the window of the salon. The more Terah saw, the more she got upset.

She immediately knew she needed proof of what she was seeing, so she started to film it with her mobile phone, until she couldn’t watch it anymore and had to intervene.

In the video, the groomer is seen roughly grabbing the Shih Tzu by the face in order to trim her fur. She grabs the small dog several times, and each time the dog looks frightened. Terah was so disturbed by what she was witnessing that she dropped her phone and began banging on the window, shouting angrily at the woman.

Terah then waited for over an hour for the dog’s owner, Brooke Vowers, to return to the store, where she approached her in the parking lot and told her what she had seen and showed her the video. Brooke noticed her dog, Boo, was skittish after she picked her up and was disturbed by what she saw.

Brooke later posted the video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. She says she posted it because she wants other pet parents to know what could happen to their dogs while at the groomers and she did not want anything to happen to other people’s dogs while under this groomer’s care.

PetSmart fired the groomer just hours after she was caught on camera and met with Brooke at the time of the incident. Presently, there is no criminal investigation into what was captured on video.

Brooke said she is incredibly grateful for what Terah did to help protect Boo.

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