Woman Gives Food to Blind Raccoon, Then Hits Records When He Brings His 2 Tiny “Bodyguards”

For 5 years, Eryn took care of a half-blind raccoon that showed up at her Illinois home every day. Every morning she would leave some soft pasta noodles soaked in chicken soup, small pieces of hot dog, ham, or pork.

However, things were a little different one day when the raccoon showed up with two strange friends in tow.

Two black kitties came with him and continued showing to the porch with their buddy. What is truly incredible is the fact that they took care of him, because anywhere he wanted to go, they patiently followed him as if they didn’t want to let their disabled protégé leave their sight. Once again, love showed that it has no boundaries.

The Blind Racoon and his entourage continued to visit Eryn’s yard and after he eventually passed away of old age, she adopted both cats and gave them a home. This beautiful friendship really brings tears to my eyes.

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