Woman Spots A Set Of Teeth Among Burning Flames, Dives To Save It Within Seconds

Thanks to the woman’s sharp eye, a life was saved!

In southern California, a series of devastating fires had occurred all of a sudden. Many people were fleeing their homes in panic as the flames started to close in. One of the areas, Sylmar, there were at least 12 deaths recorded.

Local news Gina Silva and her team were roaming the streets for news coverage when they discovered a house that was quickly burning down.

It was there when they spotted a horse named Kenny, who had previously tried to escape from his stable, but without any success. The poor horse had gotten stuck within the wooden walls that enclosed the stable – and time was quickly running out.

Gina and her team were not able to rescue Kenny on their own, not with all the flames and smoke. Plus, all of the firemen were busy putting the fires out. Then, Gina had an idea – she used her social media reach as a local journalist to post a SOS tweet via her Twitter account.

The tweet worked its magic. After 20 minutes, many netizens who saw the tweet offered to help the horse out. A  volunteer vet gave Kenny some tranquilizing shots, while other rescuers worked together to break the wall down to ease Kenny’s escape.

Kenny was found to be at least 23 years old, and was quickly ferried to a veterinary clinic where he was able to recuperate in a quiet environment. Today, Kenny is reportedly doing well and was subsequently reunited with his owner!

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