Woman Stands With Tiny Wiener Dog, When the Music Starts Keep Your Eyes On The Dog

Is there anything cuter than a dancing Dachshund? The answer is NO, no there isn’t.

Henrietta the dancing wiener dog became one of the early YouTube celebrities back in 2006 when she and her human Emily took part in a local canine free-style dancing competition.

They had rehearsed a choreography set to saloon-style music and from the moment the music started Henrietta’s tail never stopped wagging. This is one musical dog.

Of course, the secret to this adorable performance is not just in training, it’s in the bond the two share. Emily and Henrietta do everything together, they cuddle together and they play together, so when you take all that into consideration, sharing the same hobby only comes natural.

I have to admit, this is some fancy footwork if I ever seen one. Henrietta’s twirling, leaping and jumping won the judges’ hearts as well as those of millions of viewers online. She rocked that dance floor like a pro.

My personal favourite move is when Henrietta shows off an impressive backwards shuffle – look out for it!

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