If You’ve Ever Owned a Dog, You’ll Find the Hilarious and Heartwarming Truth in These Photos

These heartwarming images will definitely make you smile. Who doesn’t love witnessing the tomfoolery of ‘man’s best friend’.

These 20 images made us howl with laughter. They capture the heart and soul of our canine companions and I can guarantee that any dog owner will have experienced at least one of the moments.

Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

#1 Neighborhood watch

#2 “My chair”

#3 “What’s the password?”

#4 He looks so proud

#5 Hilarious 😀

#6 When life gives you lemons…

#7 Tail was wagging so wast it got out of focus

#8 Not picking favorites or anything

#9 Nail clippers? You mean paw torture device…

#10 Assessing how mad you are

#11 Maybe you won’t notice

#12 “Sure, go ahead and eat it all… I’ll just starve here”

#13 Priorities

#14 It’s what friends do

#15 That face is ADORABLE

#16 “You gonna eat that?”

#17 I say they were french kissing

#18 Time to call in sick again

#19 Handsome too

#20 Truth

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments

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